SOO STRC Real-time and Archived Data Sets

The SOOSTRC maintains three real-time data servers for the purpose of supporting the local modeling, training and research efforts within the NWS. Included in the data repository are full runs of the operational NAM, GFS and RUC in GRIB 2 format at the best spatial and temporal resolution. Also available are operational BUFR (sounding profiles) files for more than 1000 stations from the operational runs.

The operational data sets are available on-line for at least 30 days and possible much longer depending upon the erver, available disk space and size of the data set. Prior to being purged from the systems all data are saved for the permanent STRC archive. The STRC has maintained an archive of operational model forecasts since 2000, so should you require data that are not currently on-line then feel free to send a request.

In addition to the operational model data sets, there are a number of historical data sets in GRIB 1 and 2 format available, all of which are suitable for use with the UEMS.

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