[Wrfems] 3.1.1 problems

Robert Rozumalski rozumal at ucar.edu
Thu Nov 5 09:51:24 MST 2009


That is because, just to be confusing, I flipped the options between EMS 
V3.0 and V3.1, so what was option 0 in V3.0 is now 1 in 3.1.

> Here is something that confuses me.  The documentation in the 
> ncpus.conf file indicates that option 1 gives you the 1xN 
> decomposition, but above you indicate that option 0 does the 1xN 
> decomp.  Am I misreading it, or is the documentation miswritten?
> Also, we seem to have 3.1.1 performing pretty close to what 3.0.x was, 
> so I think we're good now in that respect.  Thanks for the test 
> results!  Very enlightening...
> Matt
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