[Wrfems] Missing reflectivity in gempak file?

Robert Rozumalski rozumal at ucar.edu
Tue Sep 1 10:18:48 MDT 2009

If you set OCNTR  to 7 (NCEP), I believe the table is 129.


Paul Jendrowski wrote:
> So if I left the OCNTR to be NCEP, which table would be used?
> I still think it should be the default for NWS sites to set the model 
> to originate from the WFO so the model files can be shared more 
> easily. We already have several "ensembles" being done in ER.  It just 
> seems all that needs to be done is set up the WFO tables to be like 
> the NCEP tables by default (sites can then override when necessary).
> Robert Rozumalski wrote:
>> Paul,
>> You may also find that some of the fields are mislabeled as well.
>> This is why I'm limiting the user's ability to modify the originating 
>> center (OCNTR) in the next release. You can still
>> do it but there will be lot's of warnings.
>> Bob
>> Paul Jendrowski wrote:
>>> I found what the issue is. I have OCNTR and SCNTR set up for the 
>>> grib encoding so the model is from WFO RNK, so the gempak conversion 
>>> (using dcgrib2) is using the wrong table.  According to the 
>>> post_degrib2.log file, it looks like it was trying to use 
>>> nwsgrib2.tbl, nwsgrib129.tbl and nwsgrib130.tbl (the latter 2 don't 
>>> exist).  These are gempak tables located in $GEMEXE/grid.  The REFD 
>>> and REFC parameters are defined in ncepgrib129.tbl so I just copied 
>>> ncepgrib129.tbl to nwsgrib129.tbl and now I can see the reflectivity 
>>> parameters in the gempak file.
>>>> Running ARW core in v3, using pretty much defaults in the the conf 
>>>> files.  Before we upgraded, we were running the gempak scripts to 
>>>> create images and got reflectivity pictures.  Now we get images 
>>>> with no data and no complaints that I can see in the gif script. In 
>>>> the script, gfunc=REFC.  When I did a gdinfo, I could see no REFC 
>>>> field in the gempak file (used ALL for gfunc, glevel, gvcord).  I 
>>>> did not touch anything in the default wrfpost_cntrl.parm file which 
>>>> does have line with RADAR REFL in it (although I know nothing about 
>>>> how to configure this file, or how it is used).  Anyone get 
>>>> reflectivity field to work?
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