[Wrfems] Problem adding grib2 data in AWIPS

Douglas Tilly Douglas.Tilly at noaa.gov
Fri Sep 4 10:17:43 MDT 2009

Hey Paul,

Thanks for the instructions.  This is basically what I have done with a 
couple exceptions. 

1).  I didn't run a -dirs localization.  I wouldn't think that would 
matter, but I don't know. 
2).  I'm using a grib ID of 97 with an OCNTR of 07. 

I'm not sure what it is, but it seems that it doesn't like the grib ID 
of 97 with the grib2 data.  I've been using this ID for years and it's 
never had a problem until I tried using grib2 data.  I'm wondering if 
something changed and grib ID of 97 is being used now? 

I'm going to try something a little different in a few minutes once all 
of the 12Z data is in and see what I can break. Basically, I'm going to 
do what you have in your instructions, but skip the addition to the 
grib2Grids.txt step.  I'll use the A212 grid in localGridSourceTable 
instead of A255 mentioned in Chris' instructions.  It should be the same 
grid and it appears that the operational models are setup that same way. 


Paul Shannon wrote:
> Hi Doug,
> I struggled for a while trying to understand how to add grib2 files to 
> AWIPS also.  I could not find any generic instructions so finally 
> managed to put some together that worked for me.  I've attached them 
> to this message.  Basically there are 3 files on AWIPS that need to be 
> edited: grib2Models, grib2Grids and your localGridSourceTable.txt.  
> Look through the instructions and let me know if they work for you.
> Paul Shannon
> Douglas Tilly wrote:
>> I have gone through Chris Mello's instructions for adding the 
>> ensemble data and I've run into a problem.  Aside from the fact that 
>> I had caused the GFS to stop coming in (the other models didn't seem 
>> to be affected), the 40 km version wasn't decoded.  The error from 
>> the decoder log is:
>> PROBLEM: NCF_FAIL 09090400_a NCEP subCent=0 UNKNOWN Grid 
>> Source...grid = A255 (255) model = UNKNOWN (97) field = SH (0) 
>> levelType and values = MB (100 )  25 0  time = 0 0
>> It obviously doesn't know what the model is, so I'm trying to figure 
>> out what I've done wrong.  In Grib2Models.txt I have added:
>> 97 | wrflocal40 | LSX WRF 40 km res
>> I'm wondering if it's being confused since the model ID of 97 is 
>> supposed to be in grib1 format?  Anyone have any ideas/suggestions?  
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