[Wrfems] prep-degrib error with nnrp init data set

Robert Rozumalski rozumal at ucar.edu
Thu Sep 17 11:44:02 MDT 2009


Version 3 requires that you have the 2d surface files for each  boundary 
condition time as well as
the initialization time.

Also, don't bother with the "--lsm nnrp2d" option, the EMS knows that 
you need them already.

Grab the remaining 2D fields and you should be fine. I just tested it 
with all the 2D files available and
the model ran to completion.


Stephen Keighton wrote:
> Dang it...I never attached the log file!  Sorry, and I really 
> appreciate any help from someone with more experience than me!
> Stephen Keighton wrote:
>> Those with experience making historical runs w/ ems V3:
>> I'm getting an error seen at the end of the attached prep_degrib log 
>> file, which seems to indicate that ems_prep is expecting some 18Z 
>> nnrp data but I only have the 12Z files.  Do you know what's going on 
>> here?  Does this mean I need to also get the 18Z nnrp files, or 
>> should I be using the 06Z files for a 12Z cycle run?  Below is the 
>> ems_prep command line I'm using (again, this is V3).  Previously I 
>> was using the --sfc option instead of the --lsm, but was getting some 
>> errors which suggested this was not correct, and the current errors 
>> I'm getting make be think perhaps I need additional initialization 
>> data files (which I got from the emsdata server originally in grib2 
>> and then converted to grib1). Thanks!
>> ems_prep  --dset nnrp  --lsm nnrp2d  --domains 2,3  --date 690819  
>> --cycle 12  --length 24
>> Steve @RNK
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