[Wrfems] AutoPost Processing with V3

Pablo Santos Pablo.Santos at noaa.gov
Fri Sep 18 12:47:49 MDT 2009

That did the trick but I also had to add Bob Script fix below so that 
the model did not post process the output files again at the end of the run.

Add the single line indicated below to the strc/ems_auto/auto_main.pm file:

 switch (&handler(4,&auto_ems::auto_run)) {
     case 53      {$EMSauto{EMSPOST} = 
                   &ems_utils::emsprint(6,9,96,2,2,"Autopost failed, 
migrating over to regular post")}
     case {$_[0]} {return 1             }

 $EMSauto{EMSPOST} = 0;       <--- ADD THIS LINE
 return  if &handler(5,&auto_ems::auto_post);

The Autopost processing with my ARW now is working good. However, I have 
a wrnnmm domain also and that one runs so fast that auto processing just 
does not work. It does not matter how I set my wait time in the 
ems_autopost.conf file. I run the model out to 48 hours. By the time it 
finishes the model is still half way processing output files and it does 
not wait long enough to finish processing all of them. The end result is 
I end up with less forecast output files than the length of the run. Is 
there something I am missing here or perhaps is it best to just not use 
auto post processing with this one?

Any ideas are welcome.



Paul Shannon wrote:
> Pablo,
> We had the same problem and Jon's answer echoes what Bob R. sent me at 
> the time.  That worked although I don't know why it was set to precess 
> them by default.
> Paul
>> Paul,
>> The wrfpost can not be used to process the sfcout files as they 
>> should be in GRIB format. Have you changed the output format
>> of these files?  You can also turn off the generation of these files 
>> by setting HISTORY_INTERVAL = 0 in run_auxhist1.conf.
>> Bob 
> Case, Jonathan (MSFC-VP61)[Other] wrote:
>> Pablo,
>> I had to turn off the "sfcout" auxiliary fields in run_auxhist1.conf in order to get autopost working in V3. I just set HISTORY_INTERVAL = 0.  I have not yet tried to investigate why the autopost fails when the sfcout aux files are written.
>> Jon
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>> Emails: Jonathan.Case-1 at nasa.gov / case.jonathan at ensco.com
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