[Wrfems] Any interest in historical ECMWF data for WRF initialization?

Robert Rozumalski rozumal at ucar.edu
Mon Sep 21 07:52:05 MDT 2009

Good Morning All,

I may be able to get access the ECMWF ERA Interm data set for WRF EMS 
model initialization. This
data set covers a similar period (1981-current) as that of the 
Reanalysis II, but at a better spatial resolution
(1.5 degree Vs. 5 degree). I've already tested the data with the EMS and 
everything works.

You can manually download the data from:


but the data sets can be very large. I would eventually make then 
available through the
personal tile data servers.

The files would only be available to NWS and collaborators for research 
and training purposes only,
so I could not make these data available to commercial groups.

Any publications would have to site the ECMWF.

Is there any interest in these data before I start requesting disk space 
for 10Tbs of data?


Robert A. Rozumalski, PhD
NWS National SOO Science and Training Resource Coordinator

COMET/UCAR PO Box 3000   Phone:  303.497.8356
Boulder, CO 80307-3000

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