[Wrfems] EMS V3 run errors for historical simulation

Stephen Keighton Stephen.Keighton at noaa.gov
Tue Sep 22 08:13:37 MDT 2009

This is mainly for Bob since he's been helping me with the ems_prep part 
of this historical run I'm trying (1969, with nnrp initialization data 
sets), but thought I'd include the whole list in case others have run 
into this before. 

I've been successful with ems_prep, setting up 3 nests (75km, 15km, and 
3km), but now that I'm trying the actual run I'm getting an error that 
seems to be related to processing on the particular cluster we're 
running on (4 workstations, each with 8 CPUs, and in run_ncpus.conf 
we're set up to use 29 of the processors (exactly the same as our 
operational runs, which ran fine last night).

Anyway, I first tried the full run with all 3 domains (ems_run --domains 
2,3) and got the error in the output shown below right off the bat just 
after it successfully created the initial and boundary conditions (the 
output below only includes section III).  I have tried the net_check 
command several times and all output seems fine.  In case I was asking 
our cluster to bite off more than it could chew right away, I then tried 
a simple run of just the outer domain for 6 hrs (ems_run --length 06h) 
and got the exact same error as before, so it's obviously not getting 
very far.

Any ideas for what I should try next would be greatly appreciated!!

Steve @RNK


II.  Running ARW WRF while thinking happy thoughts

         *  Starting Message Passing Deamon (MPD) ring for multi-node 

         *  The WRF ARW core will be run on the following systems and 

            >  7  processors on porter
            >  7  processors on bock
            >  7  processors on pilsner
            >  8  processors on marzen

         *  Simulation output file frequency (minutes):

              Domain       wrfout       sfcout
                01           180          30

         *  Starting the Model Simulation with Enthusiasm!

              You can sing along with the progress of the model while 

                %  tail -f /wrf/wrfems/runs/arw_wrf_Camille/rsl.out.0000

              Unless you have something better to do with your time.

           EMS ERROR  : Your WRF model run (PID 621) returned a exit 
status of 35072, which is never good.

            >  Any available output files moved to 

           !  SUGGESTION: You might try running:

                  % /wrf/wrfems/strc/net_check bock marzen pilsner porter

              And check for conflicting IP addresses or SSH 
configuration problems.

           *  Bring down MPD ring on porter

         Let's try this simulation again sometime soon. Success is only 
a few key strokes away.

  WRF EMS Program ems_run failure (3) at Tue Sep 22 13:54:36 2009 UTC

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