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Case, Jonathan (MSFC-VP61)[Other] jonathan.case-1 at nasa.gov
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Hi Greg,

I just received the same error in my ems_autopost log output.  
I've been having a lot of troubles lately with the autopost, so I'm hoping to identify the cause of this problem soon.


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Thought I would auto_post on a separate machine to speed the Grib1 file 
creation up a little bit.  Get the following in 

      I.  Processing domain 01 WRF netCDF output to GRIB

          *  Accumulation period for precipitation fields will be 30 hours

          *  Using wrfpost control file - wrfpost_cntrl.parm

          *  Using 4 processors to run the wrfpost routine - Warp speed 4!
Unrecognized date/time format (0) in ems_utils::compute_date

Anyone else running into this?  Thanks.
Greg at CAE
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