[Wrfems] Using WRF_EMS as input for nested Grids

Ben Baranowski Ben.Baranowski at noaa.gov
Fri Sep 25 09:19:56 MDT 2009

Has anybody used a coarse (like 12 km) WRF_EMS run as the BC for a 
standalone fine (4km run).  Specifically, I ran a 12 km run and now want 
to feed that 12 km data into a single smaller 4 km run.  I'm trying to 
avoid doing a nested run.

Ben @ WDTB

Ben Baranowski
Research Associate  WDTB/CIMMS
National Weather Center Suite 2645C
Norman, Oklahoma
Voice: (405) 325-3027
Email: ben.baranowski at noaa.gov

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