[Wrfems] new dual quad-core server

Brett McDonald Brett.Mcdonald at noaa.gov
Tue Sep 29 09:36:03 MDT 2009

Hi All:

RIW purchased a dual quad core server this year and I'm finally 
*playing* with it to see how it performs.  Running the benchmark, I can 
get it to run on one side (warf1 - don't laugh, our ESA named the 
machines).  And, I can get it to run on the other side (warf2).  
However, when I have both machines in the machines.LINUX file, it bombs 
out.  I've attached the rsl.error.0000 file.

Now, I've got the user (wswrf) identical on both machines, and the user 
id matches the same as all other dual-processors machines in our 
cluster. Same goes for the group (users).  I can ssh from warf1 to warf2 
just fine without the password, so I'm not sure why these two identical 
machines can't run together.

Thanks for any help.  I'm still running WRFEMS V2.

Brett McDonald

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