[wrfems] Issues following OB 9.2.9/New LX install

Matt Davis matt.w.davis at noaa.gov
Tue Aug 17 06:48:16 MDT 2010

We ran into a couple of issues after the installation of OB 9.2.9 yesterday
morning, which I thought I'd highlight:

1. We have a customized LAPS domain. This build overwrites the
/data/fxa/nationalData/gridSourceTable.template, which is modified in
customized domains. Solution is to restore your edits to this file, then run
a mainScript.csh f -dataSups -clipSups -grids on all workstations and
servers, then restart notification server.

2. This build has also apparently replaced the grib2 setup files, most of
which reside in /awips/fxa/data. The result will be an inability to ingest
local grib2 data sources, such as WRF, until the files are restored and the
system is relocalized as above.

3. We found on several of our new workstations that we were able to cause
the system to hang by starting the FSI application. The symptom will be Xorg
running at 100 percent CPU. We opened NCF trouble ticket 425418 for this
issue which has been elevated. We suspect that was the reason that our
primary warning/radar workstation froze during severe weather last Friday

Hope this helps,

Information Technology Officer
National Weather Service
La Crosse, Wisconsin
(608) 784-8275 x486
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