[wrfems] AWIPS OB 9.2.9 problems

Matt Foster Matthew.Foster at noaa.gov
Wed Aug 18 10:42:32 MDT 2010


We had issues too, but with the HRRR, not our local WRF.  Check the NX, 
NY and lower-left corner coordinates from your grib2 messages (use 
gribnav from the WRF-EMS distro) against what is in grib2Grids.txt.  
That's where our problem was.

As far as overriding these files in customFiles, I think it may be 
possible.  Josh Watson at ERH is a good authority on that stuff.

Matt @ OUN

Paul Wolyn wrote:
> We upgraded AWIPS to OB 9.2.9, which overwrote some of the files in 
> /awips/fxa/data on dx3.  I readjusted these files for grib2 ingest 
> from the local WRF, ran a localization, and restarted the grib2 
> decoder.  I am getting an error in the grib2decoder log about an 
> unknown grid source.  I this a universal problem or am I doing 
> something wrong?
> Is there a way to put all the changes into /data/fxa/custonFiles so I 
> will not run into this problem in the future?
> Thanks,
> Paul Wolyn
> Pueblo, CO
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