[wrfems] Old DX servers

Daniel Leins Daniel.Leins at noaa.gov
Wed Dec 8 07:27:09 MST 2010


I haven't worked with the DX's yet, but there's a chance we might be. 
I'm curious as to what you find out.

That being said, I was under the impression that the DX's were 32bit 
machines, not 64. I could be totally wrong about that though.  I also 
thought they had 4 processors each. How many DX's are in your cluster?  
Have you tried running the benchmark case with ONLY the 4 DX's? I'd be 
curious to see what your results are without mixing different types of 

The DX's should all have gigabit NIC's, what kind of network issues are 
you dealing with?


On 12/8/2010 7:16 AM, Douglas Tilly wrote:
> To all of the WFOs out there...
> Has anyone had success using the old DX servers in their clusters?  I 
> installed a fresh OS and have everything up and running.  I'm using 
> the core2 binaries due to another machine in the cluster.  When using 
> two machines with 18 processors, I get compute time for each timestep 
> of around 0.9 seconds.  When I use the old dx server with 4 extra 
> processors, it increases to around 2.3 seconds.  When I run sysinfo 
> (for whatever reason, I don't have cpuinfo anymore), it says to use 
> the p7 binaries.  So, when I use those, it's still slower than before 
> I replaced the machine that only had two processors.  I'm not sure how 
> this makes any sense.
> When looking at /proc/cpuinfo, I get:
> vendor_id       : GenuineIntel
> cpu family      : 15
> model           : 4
> which is the same as the old LX boxes that I'm trying to replace.  I 
> was hoping that the 64-bit servers would help speed it up.  Maybe I'm 
> just not using the correct binaries?  I'm also still investigating 
> some network problems along with a potential hardware issue.  Just 
> wondering if anyone else has tried using these dx servers and what 
> your experiences are.
> Thanks.
> Doug
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