[wrfems] WRF V3 Run Failures

Jim.Moser at noaa.gov Jim.Moser at noaa.gov
Sun Dec 12 08:05:44 MST 2010

Well...our WRF V3 is displaying again in AWIPS after I went and reversed the changes that
I made in order to get the reflectivity, updraft helicity, etc to display. There is, however, another
problem that has reared its ugly head. It seems about 25% of the runs are failing. After inspecting
the error output it seems to be related to the RRTM process. Not sure how to reconfigure to avoid this problem.

I'm attaching our .conf files from the conf/emsrun directory.  Could someone take a look at these
files and advise on how I might change ther configuration to minimize these failures.

Jim Moser
WFO Nashville
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