[wrfems] Dwiz Problem

Cory Van Pelt cory.vanpelt at noaa.gov
Mon Dec 27 11:52:11 MST 2010

Hi Bob,

I just installed Fedora 14 on a new machine and did a new EMS
installation. When I run the dwiz command, I get "sh:
/home/wrf/wrfems/domwiz/libs/jrel.6.0_11/bin/java: /lib/ld-linux.so.2 bad
ELF interpreter: No such file or directory". I've searched several forums
and some suggest that I'm missing glibc libraries, but when I install them
it totally wrecks my Java installation and I get a big pile of errors when
running dwiz (and if I do an re-install of EMS, it tells me I'm missing the
Java libraries). I've rolled back the glibc installation and am just looking
at the ELF interpreter error now. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.

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