[wrfems] wrfpost trouble with big domain

Matt Foster Matthew.Foster at noaa.gov
Thu Sep 9 13:04:10 MDT 2010

Clarification...I see the wrfpost process using only 1 CPU, as indicated 
by top.  IIRC, wrfpost is a shared-memory executable.


Matt Foster wrote:
> I did an experiment on our cluster today with a 675x640, 1.25 km 
> domain.  The model run went OK, but wrfpost is not processing the 
> output.  I only see one wrfpost process at a time, even though it's 
> supposed to be processing at "warp factor 8" ;-).  Also, when watching 
> with 'top' the memory usage for wrfpost never goes above 0.0%.  I'm 
> guessing wrfpost is having trouble with ~1.5 GB output files.  Is 
> there something I can do to get it going?
> Matt @ OUN
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