[wrfems] Clustering issues

Mark.Jarvis at noaa.gov Mark.Jarvis at noaa.gov
Thu Sep 23 12:41:43 MDT 2010

Hi All:

Thanks a lot for the information.  The passwordless SSH was not a problem to set up as that was covered well in the last release, plus there are tons of sites on the web for that.  The NFS mount issue was simply a firewall issue.  Turning off the iptables service resulted in the machines mounting NFS shares.  Glad to know that NFS mounts are not required.

The hostname thing is where netcheck was failing.  I did not know that I needed to use different hostnames for the private side network.  Node 1 here has two NIC cards with eth0 being the public IP of 204.XXX.XXX.XXX and eth1 going to  Node 2 just has the onboard NIC with an IP of  I'm not running a switch at the moment since it is only two machines.  I'll try and rename the hosts differently and send you the netcheck results if I have more problems.  I really appreciate all the help.

What I am trying to do is convert us over to WRF EMS V3 with a new cluster.  The goal was to set up two machines and "get the hang of things" and then add more machines as I got them.  Once the V3 cluster was up and going, then we would take down the V2 cluster.  I agree with Kevin that a dual quad core solution on one box would be the way to go...if we had the money.

Mark @ Louisville, KY

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