[wrfems] Error with autopost

Jim Wallmann James.Wallmann at noaa.gov
Thu Aug 11 10:28:39 MDT 2011

The last couple days, we have been getting an error listed below.  This 
did not happen before, and it does not always happen at the same time.  
This morning, it occurred after the first hour, yesterday it occurred 
after 8 hours, and in a couple cases, it hasn't occurred at all.  Even 
when this error does occur, occasionally the post-processing continues 
after the run is completed.  I have had no issues when running ems_post 
after a completed run.

Does anyone know where this may be coming from or how to fix it?  I have 
a couple ideas, but thought I would throw this out to the group in case 
I am on the wrong track.

Here is the error:

/I.  Processing domain 01 WRF netCDF output to GRIB

            *  Accumulation period for precipitation fields will be 1 hour
Modification of non-creatable array value attempted, subscript -1 at 
/data/wrfems/strc/ems_post/post_utils.pm line 173./

Thanks for your help.

Jim Wallmann

WFO Reno
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