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Brett McDonald Brett.Mcdonald at noaa.gov
Thu Jun 23 08:55:26 MDT 2011

Thanks Bob,

I didn't know if NAWIPS was still a stand-alone or not.  You've answered 
my question.

I went ahead and ran the ems_install.pl script yesterday to load the 
latest non-beta version on my new machine.  The log file is attached.  
Toward the end, you can see that I did have a couple of problems:

Missing RIP executables

Checking GEMPAK routines - Missing System Libraries
     32-bit libXp.so.6
     32-bit libg2c.so.0
         need before using NAWIPS/GEMPAK routines

I then tried running the NMM benchmark case.  Attached is the output.  
It failed because wrfems/bin/ungrib was unable to be found.  I checked 
the bin directory and there are only 4 files.  Looks like something else 
went amiss with the installation.  What's the best method for fixing the 
problem without doing a clean install again?

Thanks much,


On 6/22/2011 8:01 AM, Robert Rozumalski wrote:
> Hello Brett and All,
> First (to All), I am attending a WRF workshop this week so I have a 
> limited amount of time to answer questions.
> Be patient but if you don't get a response from my by Friday then feel 
> free to pester.
> Following next week I will be on travel/leave through the end of 
> August so I encourage you to adopt the
> "Patience then Pester" approach.
> Brett,
> The lastest EMS release includes NAWIPS 6.2 (wrfems/util/nawips), 
> although some routines are from a previous
> release due to an odd bug with NAWIPS6 and CentOS5. I have statically 
> linked as many libraries as possible
> but you may need to install some shared libraries on your system. The 
> problem is building the static X libraries
> into the GEMPAK binaries, which is a real pain.
> Bob
> On 6/21/2011 4:04 PM, Brett McDonald wrote:
>> HI All:
>> I've now got an old AWIPS linux machine as the front end access to 
>> our WRF server.  I'm setting up other accounts before I install WRF 
>> EMS V3.  This first one is NAWIPS software.  I used to be able to ftp 
>> into soostrc.comet.ucar.edu and get the latest build, but now I can't 
>> ftp or sftp in.  Any ideas on how to get the latest version of NAWIPS 
>> from the strc site?
>> Thanks,
>> Brett McDonald
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