[wrfems] Qstns about using RUC13 for initialization and SPoRT LIS for Lands Surface

Robert Rozumalski Robert.Rozumalski at noaa.gov
Tue Feb 14 10:21:34 MST 2012

On 2/14/12 9:37 AM, Steve Keighton wrote:
> List, I'm in the category of just knowing enough to be dangerous with 
> playing around with WRF configurations, so have what may be a couple 
> of simple questions:
I'm all for the element of danger in local area modeling as it increases 
the feeling of gratification you receive when you've completed a 
simulation and nobody has lost an eye.
> 1) I've been hearing for some time (just dragging my feet to do 
> anything about it) that folks are getting some good success 
> initializing with the RUC13.  What is the preferred option for this: 
> ruc13ha (hybrid vert coord analysis only), ruc13hf (hybrid fcst 
> files), or ruc13pa (press coord analysis only).  I'm initializing a 
> new run every 3 hrs, but since the RUC is hourly I figure I do not 
> need the forecast data set, but not sure which of the two analysis 
> options would be best.  Related to this is the appropriate command 
> line in ems_autorun.conf file. We're currently initializing with a 
> LAPS hotstart, and using NAM12 boundary conditions, so the line is 
> DSETS = laps%tile12. Can I simply change that to ruc13ha%tile12 if I 
> still want to use the NAM for BC?

A few issues:

   1.  You should move away from using the NCEP NAM tiles for 
initialization in favor of the STRC personal tiles (ptiles), which 
should be smaller in size than the
        NCEP tiles and you don't have to worry about whether you have 
the appropriate tiles for your domain. It's all dynamic.

        The ptiles are available for the NAM, GFS, and RUC

        I'm also dropping NCEP tile support in the next EMS release

   2.  You are better off using either the RUC hybrid forecast files 
(ruc13hf) or analyses (ruc13ha) for the lateral BCs than the pressure 
coordinate data set for a couple
         of reasons.  The pressure coordinate data set has fewer 
vertical levels than the hybrid data set and thus the initialization 
hour data set, RUC hybrid, needs to be
         thinned in the vertical so that the number of levels are the 
same as the BC data set.  This is automatically done by the EMS but it 
degrades the quality of the
         initialization.  In addition, the RUC pressure coordinate data 
set not not have the required soil moisture and temperature fields so 
you will need to get
         them from another data set through the "--lsm" flag.

   3.   Your best option is to use the RUC forecast data for your BCs if 
running in real-time; otherwise, use the analyses for the initial and BC 

> 2) I'm already using the SPoRT SST as my primary choice for sea sfc 
> temps, but also want to use the SPoRT LIS for land surface 
> initialization vs. the NAM12.  At one point I tried simply replacing 
> LSM = tile12 with LSM = lis, but got errors and WRF never ran so went 
> back to tile12.  Could this be because the SPoRT LIS has a limited 
> domain and our WRF domain goes too far north?  Can anyone point me to 
> details on what the SPoRT LIS domain is (unless it does cover the 
> CONUS, in which case my error must be for another reason).

    Any alternate SST data sets are specified in the SFC setting in 
ems_autorun.conf. The LIS skin temperature field is specified in the LSM 
field.  If the model domain extends
    beyond the areal coverage of the SST data, the preprocessor will use 
the default SST field from the initialization data set.  If the 
alternate LSM field is not large enough
    to cover the computational domain you should get an error.

    I do have a test in the EMS to make sure the requested ptile data 
set covers the user's computational domain. I should probably add a 
similar test for all data sets.


> Thanks!
> Steve
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