UEMS New User Registration

Why do I have to register?

Requiring registration simply allows the SOO STRC to better understand who is using the UEMS and to allow the solitary, yet overly enthusiastic, developer to report to his supervisor that somebody else cares.

What does registration do for me?

By registering you may get any of the following:

a. Information regarding bug fixes updates and new releases

b. Access to updates and new releases

c. Some very limited support as time allows

The fields below are required for all new users

Work Country

Note that there may be a delay in receiving the UEMS installation utility following registration as the information provided is checked for some semblance of legitimacy and to avoid advertisements for “personal enhancement” products from being sent to valid users.  Once the UEMS concierge is able to confirm your registration, which typically takes a few minutes but sometimes as much as 96 hours, you will receive a second message with the installation routine attached. Enjoy!