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SOO, What's New?

7 September 2016
Whoomp there it is: UEMS V15.89 - The "In Purgamentum, Exit Purgamentum" release

Your simulation awaits!

28 August 2016
BUFRgruven V16.35 now available - The "Minimalist" release

I just wish all updates were this easy!

11 July 2016
BUFRgruven V16.27 is now available - The "Scientia ac Bgruven" release

It just gets more & more awesomer!

14 April 2016
The "STRC Presents" Training Series:   The TCMWind Tool

Note: To receive credit for the training, NWS staff should access the module through the Commerce Learning Center (CLC)

8 February 2016
UEMS V15.58 is now available - The "Apples to Xerotic" release

The updates just keep on coming!

So, "What big surprises do you have for me this time?"

18 December 2015
UEMS Update: Version 15.51 now available

Announcing the first UEMS  update in over three and a half  weeks!

So, "how can this update possibly make me a better person than I think I already am?"

13 November 2015
Major UEMS Announcement: UEMS version 15  - The "Magnum Opus" release!

Announcing the first major UEMS* release in over three and a half years! And only three years after the first anticipated release date!

The almost nearly more perfect than before, UEMS V15, the "Magnum Opus" release!

27 January 2015
The Global Forecast System Update Training - Now Available!

The COMET Program & NWS Forecast Decision Training Division  (FDTD) are proud to bring you training on the most recent upgrade to NCEP's Global Forecast System (GFS):

“Upgrade of the Global Forecast System - Model Forecast and Performance Changes”


22 October 2014
Hip Hip HRRRay! The High Resolution Rapid Refresh Training is Here!

The NWS Forecast Decision Training Division (FDTD) & NOAA Earth Systems Research Laboratory (ESRL) are proud to bring you training for the High Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) model.

“You're off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your HRRR training is waiting,
So... get on your way!”