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SOO, What's New?

27 January 2015
The Global Forecast System Update Training - Now Available!

The COMET Program & NWS Forecast Decision Training Branch (FDTB) are proud to bring you training on the most recent upgrade to NCEP's Global Forecast System (GFS):

“Upgrade of the Global Forecast System - Model Forecast and Performance Changes”


22 October 2014
Hip Hip HRRRay! The High Resolution Rapid Refresh Training is Here!

The NWS Forecast Decision Training Branch (FDTB) & NOAA Earth Systems Research Laboratory (ESRL) are proud to bring you training for the High Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) model.

“You're off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your HRRR training is waiting,
So... get on your way!”


21 April 2014
WRF EMS V3. - The "Dan Made Me Do It" release

Sometimes you do time consuming tasks because you want to, and other times it's because someone named Dan makes a simple request that results in the total reconstruction of something you thought was perfect.

It's just another cold hard slap back into reality.

So, I present to you, the even more perfect EMS V3., the "Dan Made Me Do It" release!

So, what can "Dan Made Me Do It" do for you? Well, take a look

16 December 2013
WRF EMS V3. - The "Keeps on Giving" release

No matter which season you choose to celebrate, it's always the season for giving here at EMS World Headquarters.

So, the EMS elves and I present to you, WRF EMS V3., the "EMS Just Keeps on Giving" release!

So, what can "Keeps on Giving" do for you? Well, take a look

30 September 2013
WRF EMS V3.4.1.40 - The "TCB & Y" release

I'm just "taken care of business" should EMS world headquarters be shut down for any length of time beginning October 1st.

So I present to you, WRF EMS V3.4.1.40, the "Taken Care of Business & You" or "TCB & Y" release!

So, what can "TCB & Y" do for you? Well, take a look

3 September 2013
WRF EMS V3.4.1.37 - The "Back to School" release

Everyone here at EMS world headquarters (emphasis on "one") wanted to welcome the new school year (9 months really) with a new release. I'm sure that all the 2nd graders all around the country will be bouncing up and down in their seats (more than usual) with the announcement.

So I present to you, WRF EMS V3.4.1.37, the "back to school" release!

So, what can "back to school" do for you? Well, take a look

8 August 2013
WRF EMS V3.4.1.32 - The "Bigger than before" release

The new EMS was growing too large to keep under wraps at EMS World Headquarters, and thus, an executive decision was made to set it free before someone here got hurt.

So I present to you, WRF EMS V3.4.1.32, the "bigger than before" release!

So, what can "bigger than before" do for you? Well, take a look

31 July 2013
Just what the doctor ordered - BUFRgruven 13 is here!

Updated with additional love and attention, BUFRgruven V13.31, i.e., the "Road Trip!!" release is now available.

What? You were not aware that the great and powerful "Bgruven" needed anything fixed or updated? Well, neither did I until this morning.

11 June 2013
Hey, hey! The EMS just keeps on delivering, this time with more good stuff!

Now, even better than ever! The WRF EMS Version has been unleashed to the masses, just in time for NWP modeling season! Was version keeping you down? No worries, because the new release is everything you expect from free software developed with no budget and without support. Consequently, this release will probably keep you down as well, but don't let that stop you from enjoying the fruits of my labor.

Want less more verbiage and more less action? Read on.

20 May 2013
It's Here! It's Here! The new phonebook EMS is finally here!

It's here! It's here! The new EMS is finally here!

After many, many months, the WRF EMS Version is now available. You read that correctly, EMS V3. is no longer vaporware. It now awaits your commands and attention, kind of like a puppy, only much cuter.

20 September 2012
BUFRgruven Version 12.9.2 is hatched!!

Bgruven version 12.9.2 has been released to to fix a number of "unplanned design features" including any problems that arise from overly ambitious, yet still loved, users running multiple Bgruven processes at once. A sense of calm has once again returned to Bgruvenville.

18 September 2012
Now Available NAWIPS 6.7 - It's Baaaaaaack!

After capitulating to the ever-growing demand (from 0 to 1 request), I've decided to resurrect the long-neglected STRC support of NAWIPS. To celebrate this momentous occasion, I've compiled the most recent NAWIPS release (V6.7) and placed it on the STRC site:

It you read anything this year, be sure that it is the nawips_install.README file.

This release may be used to replace the version included as part of the EMS or as a stand-alone installation. You have the power - use it wisely.

21 August 2012
BUFRgruven Version 12.8.1 is unleashed!!

Bgruven version 12.8.1 has been released to support the August 21st SREF implementation. There is an all new suit of ensemble members with greater diversity in the model initial conditions and physics configurations. The total number of members has been increased to 21 plus an additional ensemble mean data set. Additionally, a new NMM-B member family has been invited to the party.

23 Apr 2012
EMS Adaptive Time Step Fix - Update Available!
31 Jan 2012
The SOO STRC data server is undergoing re-vitalization

The data archive on the primary STRC server,, is being reorganized to better serve the SOO community. When completed, the on-line archive of operational model data in GRIB 2 and BUFR formats will increase with more direct access to the files for local modeling and research.

While the mass data migration is underway, there may be periods when your favorite archived data set is unavailable. But fret not data miner, as your missing nugget shall be returned to the site in the near future.

This process should not impact the real-time data flow. At least that is the plan.

27 Jan 2012
BUFRgruven V12 is now available

The Bgruven package has been updated for 2012 with added support for the NAM 4km nest BUFR files! Through a party on February 5th to celebrate!

23 Sep 2011
The all new, sensational, eruditional, inspirational & gyrational "Modsnd*" "BUFRgruven" is finally available!!
The BUFRgruven package has been completely rewritten to make it more efficient and to provide functionality that was either missing or not working in earlier versions.